Art by TheROGUE in collaboration with Nitesh.
At theROGUE we believe thoughtful transformation and unraveling of perspectives sit at the cross line of dialogue and art. It emphasizes on breaking barriers through honest dialogues and powerful imagery.
"Words are events, they do things, change things."- Ursula K. Le Guin

The Swan Dream Project – USA

The Swan Dreams Project's goal is to convey the message that beauty and talent are not constrained by race or socio-economic status. A project founded by Aesha Ash who is one of the few black women represented in the world of professional ballet in the United States. The Swan Dreams Project aims to empower our youth to know that they are not limited by stereotypes nor by their environment, but only by their dreams.

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Tiny Toons - Cambodia

Founded by Tuy Sobil (aka “KK”), Tiny Toons provides a safe, positive environment for at‐risk youth to channel their energy and creativity into the arts and education, empowering them to build self‐confidence in their daily lives, aim for better employment possibilities, and feel supported pursuing their dreams.

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Charles Michel - Guide to Conscious Eating

“Food is the most intimate and direct connection we have with nature. Every day, the food we embody fuels our consciousness. We are made of food.” – Charles Michel

The current crisis is a turning point in planetary history, and one of the major contributions to environmental degradation comes from unconscious eating. To design a better future for our species and the planet, we must evolve our diets and food choices. Systemic change is needed, and it stems from individual action. "Guide to Conscious Eating": a 10-point manifesto to raise awareness and support the regenerative eating movement.

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Soka Gakkai International-USA (SGI-USA) is the most diverse Buddhist community in the United States some 100 centers throughout the country. SGI-USA is part of the larger SGI network, which comprises more than 12 million people in 192 countries and territories around the world. SGI members base their practice on the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism, which teaches that each person has within the courage, wisdom and compassion to face and surmount any of life’s challenges. Based on core Buddhist principles such as respecting the dignity of human life and the interconnectedness of self and the environment, SGI engages in various peace activities, including human rights education, the movement to abolish nuclear weapons and efforts to promote sustainable development.

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